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Getting Started

Randonauting takes you on a truly random adventure into the world you never knew existed. 


Ready to go on your first trip?

Download the official Randonuatica app (watch out for copy cats!) and follow these steps to get started.


Set your desired radius. 

A randonaut trip can be long or short, a walk, bike or drive. Pinch zoom on the map to set your radius to determine the area you’d like to stay within.


Select the type of GPS point you’d like to generate. 



  1. Attractors are improbably dense clusters of random points within your set radius.

  2. Voids are clusters with improbably low density within your set radius.

  3. Choosing Power will provide you with the point that is the highest power, or the most anomalous of an Attractor or Void. 


Blind Spots are simply random points.


Generate your point and see what you find!


Set an intention or “theme” for your trip in your mind while generating the point. 

This process uses theoretical Mind Matter Interaction paired with quantum entropy to test the strange entanglement of consciousness with observable reality. Randonauts often find their journeys result in serendipitous experiences that seemingly align with their thoughts!

OR not and keep your trip totally random!

You don't always have to set an intention. You can keep it simple by just going with the flow on a simple journey into randomness to see what you can find.


Share and connect with other Randoanuts using Discover.

Share your own experience and explore Randonaut trips from your area and around the world. The Discover feed in the app allows you to connect with other Randonauts as you find meaningful coincidences that may entangle with your very own stories.


Ready to take your randonauting to the next level?

Pro Randonaut Subscription

Unlimited Trips. Explore without limits!

Custom Location. Set a different starting point, no matter where you currently are. Find an anomaly ​​

near your childhood home, in your best friend's neighborhood or across the world. 

Exclusive Theme & Badge. Dark Pro Randonaut theme and official badge.

Invite Only Telegram. Ask questions and receive guidance from the Randonautica team and

other Pro Randonauts.

Early Access to New Features. Be the first to explore new features like the Discover Feed, targeted to

launch late Summer 2021. See what the Discover feed is all about here.

To become a Pro, visit the Randonaut Shop within the app.

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Be a Responsible Randonaut

It's important to review and follow these guidelines when randonauting. 

COVID-19: Follow all state and local protocols for your area while Randonauting. 


1. Never, ever trespass onto private property. 

We. Are. SERIOUS. Get as close to the point as you are comfortable without trespassing onto private property. Never enter someone's backyard without permission. Never enter privately marked wooded or commercial areas. Trespassing onto private property is a direct violation of the user agreement for Randonautica. Owners and law enforcement will see the user as liable for trespassing or damages, not Randonautica. DO NOT TRESPASS. 

2. Stay totally clear of dangerous areas. 

Never go near train tracks, railways or restricted electrical/power zones. Additionally, old structures, houses and buildings should be avoided entirely. The structural integrity could be jeopardized due to deterioration.

3. Only adventure during the day. 

The human mind is not trained for uncertainty and traveling to a totally randomized set of coordinates requires you to over-observe your surroundings and practice situational awareness. This is much easier to do while it is light outside. Randonauting at night is highly discouraged. 

4. Leave the environment better off than when you arrived.

Since the very beginning of the Randonaut community we've always said, Bring A Trashbag! Not only will you help mother nature by picking up litter, sometimes the trash can have unique and meaningful information to you!

5. Always Randonaut with a charged phone. 

Be smart and charge your phone or bring a car charger. GPS can drain your battery and you are very likely to be in an unfamiliar area. 

6. Keep a positive mindset!

What you think, you observe! Negative intentions are HIGHLY discouraged. The Randonautica app was created to bring joy, peace and love to curious explorers all over the world. Be sure to review the 9 Tenets of the Randonauts here before embarking on your journey.

7. Go on the journey with a friend or small group. 

While Randonauting alone is entirely acceptable, beginners should start in a small group or with a friend. Uncertainty of where you are going (the randomness!) can cause a fear factor response and having a buddy helps!

8. Do not venture into areas outside your comfort zone.  

Only make the trip to areas and places you are comfortable exploring. If you feel unsafe, do not leave your vehicle or retreat from the point. Randonautica does not know anything about the area you live in. Use common sense. 

9. Always use common sense when it comes to your personal physical limitations. 

Sometimes a point might be in an area that is inaccessible without climbing, hiking, etc. Know your limits. Always hydrate and do not overextend yourself. 

10. Enjoy the whole journey, not just the point!

Get as close to the point as you are comfortable with but know the journey is sometimes the more meaningful experience!

Responsible Radonaut
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