Meet The Team

  • CEO | Co-Founder

    Joshua Lengfelder

    Joshua spearheaded the Randonaut movement to bring mind-bending experiences to the masses with an emphasis on expanding the reach of Mind Matter Interaction (MMI). With a background in anthropology and electronic media, he harnessed the momentum of The Randonaut community to bring Randonautica’s novelty and adventure to the world.

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  • COO | Co-Founder

    Auburn Salcedo

    Auburn’s passion for all things relating to consciousness and extensive background in business as a serial entrepreneur was a perfect match to join forces with Joshua to further the goals of of the Randonauts movement, build the company's foundation, and apply her business acumen to all facets of Randonautica.

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  • Project Manager

    Tobias Raayoni Last

    A self-taught polymath, entrepreneur, artist, and unashamed college dropout, Tobias became an enthusiastic early contributor to The Randonauts and eventually joined the core team as a project manager, consultant and advising wizard.

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  • Android Engineer

    Mohammad Ziad

    Mohammad is a software engineer and entrepreneur who has worked on various startups. As someone who has always looked to break free from any form of regularity in life, he naturally gravitated towards randonauting and works to further improve the user experience with a main focus on app development.

    • Software Engineer

      Taha Firoz

      Taha is currently a Computer Science student who works on Randaonutica’s Backend Engineering and works with the team to create a smooth and speedy randonauting experience for users.

      • Senior iOS Engineer

        Usman Shahid

        With a B.S. in Computer Sciences, Usman has developed apps around the world that have earned featured mentions in the App Store. At Randonautica, he is responsible for the development of a robust, efficient and responsive application life cycle for the app. 

        • Lead Customer Support

          Emily Dunbar

          Emily quickly became enamoured with randonauting and applies her teaching background to demystify the project so more people can understand and enjoy it. She focuses on leading customer support, social media accounts, manages translations and produced the French translation of the app.

          • Graphic Designer

            Kerry Blanchard

            Kerry is currently a Fine Arts in Communications Design student working with the team to bring a unique visual experience to Randonautica through interface design and graphics generation. 

            • Advisor

              Joseph Matheny

              Joseph wears many hats as an inventor, creator, product manager, CEO, CTO, writer and artist. He has played a role in establishing and evangelizing standards and practices such as PDF, DVD, Podcasting, ARG and digital video, designed apps and is a published author of screenplays, white papers, technology, sci-fi, marketing, and gaming books.


              His pioneering work in Transmedia is chronicled at a University textbook level and is known throughout the gaming industry and academia as the first proto-ARG. (Alternate Reality Game). 

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